Shipping Policy

All orders shipped within the contiguous 48 States, with the available stock weighing 300 pounds or less will ship FOB South Yarmouth, meaning, prepaid, at a 15% flat rate, on the Willow Street Designs shipping network via FedEx Ground. Orders larger than 300 pounds may be delivered on the Willow Street Designs network via common carrier with the same 15% flat rate terms. Out of country shipments will be shipped FOB South Yarmouth to any US Port, or border State, prepaid at 15% flat rate. Shipments to Alaska will ship prepaid at a 25% flat rate. Willow Street Designs will honor all claims for product shipped on our network. Willow Street Designs will not be held responsible for any damage claims on customer pickup shipments, where the goods transfer ownership at our dock. Back orders will be shipped as product is received provided the value is over one hundred dollars.