Meet the Willow Street Designs furry family!

Did you know that a pet-friendly workplace can reduce stress, boost productivity and boost morale? We love our furry Willow Street Designs family and our four legged friends visit us at work very often! We also task them with a very special job – modeling for our catalog! Testing out pet toys is a RUFF job but don’t worry, they are paid well… in belly rubs and treats!

  • Chloe the Yorkie, 7 years old
    Favorite toy: Snowman Fun Set (98828) – Chloe loves our plush snowman face balls! Even though they aren’t a dog toy, Chloe is only 3 pounds so she prefers to play with small toys!
  • Mr. Snugs the Cat, 6 years old
    Favorite toy: Cat Basket/Bed (40027) – Mr. Snugs loves to play in our woven cat bed!
  • Tugger the Golden, 5 years old
    Favorite toy: Speech Bubble Squeaker Toy (40299) – Tugger loves anything that squeaks!
  • Annabelle the Shih-tzu, 10 years old
    Favorite toy: Dog Face Pawprint Socks (40030) – Annabelle prefers to play with socks instead of her dog toys!

Our furry family is always growing so stay tuned for new pet models! 

Chloe Yorkie

Annabelle Shitzu

Tugger Golden

Mr Snugs Cat